ARCA - Expositive space

ARCA and San Marco: a visit which will be an unforgettable experience.

Arca is an astonishing parallelepiped, an expositive space of glass and steel standing inside an old church, San Marco’s, in the middle of what used to be the nave. Its most impressive feature is the ceiling, which is made of glass so that the people who are visiting ARCA can – at the same time – admire the beautiful vaults of the old church of San Marco’s by simply looking upwards. The old church itself is, by the way, worth a visit, because of the astonishing frescoes dating back to the XV century, which have been being restored over the past few years.
There are, therefore, three main reasons why a tourist should visit ARCA and San Marco’s:
• The masterpieces on show inside ARCA
• The imposing aisles of the old church, which often house other works of art and temporary exhibitions
• The astonishing beauty of the frescoes, a unique cycle, a breath-taking collection unparalleled in Europe. The frescoes have been being restored over the past few years and they have been slowly appearing from the shadows of the past.

ARCA was opened in 2007 on the occasion of the world-famous exhibition known as “Peggy Guggenheim e l’Immaginario Surreale”. After that first exhibition it has become universally known for the exceptionally high profile of the masterpieces on show inside it, as well as for its innovatory design and setting.
ARCA is accessible to disabled visitors.
Toilets include facilities for disabled visitors.






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